02 Jul

Here's a sneak peak at our Full Blown Turbo Kit for the Honda Grom. More details to come!








14 May

We are excited to announce that we will be offering an aftermarket oil pan very soon.

The days of drilling and tapping the oem pans are soon to be over. We have sold many pre-tapped pans up to date. Being that this platform is so new, the dealers have a limited supply on hand and we find ourselves occasionally waiting for stock 

Also, it didn't make sense to design and produce a pan just for the oil return port. There for, we decided to engineer our oil pan with additional features to make it worth doing.

The design is done and we should have a plastic protoype within a week. From there, we will verify fitment and then head right into production. 

Key Features

* 50% more oil capacity vs OEM

* Aluminum casting to ensure high quality consistency 

* Heat Sink Fins on the bottom to help remove heat

* 1/2" Return Port for oil return from Turbo/SC

* Bolt in baffle to reduce starvation on hard turns and acceleration

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