Full Blown Ford Focus RS 850hp Intercooler

Full Blown
Full Blown Ford Focus RS 850hp Intercooler
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While tuning our Ford Focus RS, we noticed a crazy increase in Charge Air Temp in the upper RPM's. The OEM intercooler was built to barely support the OEM power levels. With the increase in power/boost, it simply just cannot efficiently cool the charged air.

Our FBM 850Hp prototype Intercooler was built to combat this problem. Our data logs showed us a 20-25 degree Fahrenheit drop!! After confirming our the data, we went ahead and designed an intercooler using CAD to maximize the available space behind the bumper. We are in the process of casting the end tanks and will be offering a intercooler that is able to support up to 850hp.

-100% Bolt On
-Rated up to 850hp
-Cast Aluminum End tanks for max clearance and fitment

Fits :
Ford Focus RS Intercooler
Ford Focus RS Fron Mount Intercooler
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