1. FBM 604Hp 472Tq -- Stock Motor Stage 2 Turbo Kit

    We have been testing new products that will soon be released. Our shop's FRS had been down for a couple months due to product development.. until yesterday 

    Our car currently is still on the stock motor and will stay that way until something fails. 

    Below is a list of new products that we were testing.

    FBM BRZ/FRS Stage 2 Turbo kit (This kit maintains 80% of the parts from our premium kit,and can be converted from any of our stage 1's)

    The changes from a stage 1 to a stage 2 are listed below..

    * FBM 750hp intercooler
    * GTX3582
    * FBM 1150cc Injectors

    Price / Availability TBA

    FBM 1150cc Injectors

    FBM Dual Fuel Pump Surge Tank (prevents fuel slosh/starvation and supports 800+hp)

    FBM Catchcan

    Clutchmasters Twin Disc (FBM Spec)


    dyno graph 
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  2. Arias FRS/BRZ Custom Pistons

    We received more Arias/FBM Custom pistons in stock with upgraded wrist pins. You can see in the photo of the standard duty pin versus our upgraded pin. 

    Our pistons are designed to handle 30+ psi of boost with larger rings, skirts as well as other advantages over most off the shelf piston.

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  3. Full Blown FRS/BRZ Walbro 485 Fuel Pump Kit

    We design this kit for the guys who are looking for more fuel but not necessarily needing a dual pump set up. 

    Our Walbro 485 kit will allow you to fit a Walbro 485 pump inside the tank and still retain the Oem Venturi system, OEM filter, OEM lines. 

    We also includes components to switch out the OEM fuel pressure regulator to a 1:1 rising rate regulator without sacrificing the oem siphon. Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ

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  4. Full Blown's 9 Second Mission FRS/FT86

    Full Blown's 9 Second Mission FRS/FT86 

    Here's a peek at what we have going on with our shop car. We're very excited for this race season and our car is just about ready to go. This car has been the test bed for many different products that we manufacture for this platform. 

    The FBM FRS features our Drag Package that is available to our customers who are looking to take it to the next level. It includes our Stage 2 Engine package, paired up with our Stage 2 turbo kit and much much more. 

    Safety is always a priority. There for, our car is equipped with a 8.50 certified cage / parachute. Traction is handle by a set of Custom FBM/Bogart Wheels mounted on Mickey Thompson tires.

    FBM FRS Setup

    FBM Stage 2 Engine (Arias Pistons, FBM Rods, (machined and assemble to FBM specs)
    FBM Stage 2 Turbo Kit with PTE 6466
    Motec M1 Ecu 
    FBM Aluminum Rad with Shroud 
    FBM Catchcan
    FBM Oil Cooler
    FBM Custom Triple Pump Surge Tank
    FBM Billet Fuel Rails
    FBM Ford 8.8 Rear Diff Conversion
    DSS 1000hp Axles
    DSS Custom Driveshaft
    FBM V160 Conversion Kit 
    Clutch Masters Custom V160 Clutch



    frsfrs chutefrs


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  5. Honda Grom

    Here's a sneak peak at our Full Blown Turbo Kit for the Honda Grom. More details to come!








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  6. Full Blown FRS BRZ FT86 Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

    We are excited to announce that we will be offering an aftermarket oil pan very soon.

    The days of drilling and tapping the oem pans are soon to be over. We have sold many pre-tapped pans up to date. Being that this platform is so new, the dealers have a limited supply on hand and we find ourselves occasionally waiting for stock 

    Also, it didn't make sense to design and produce a pan just for the oil return port. There for, we decided to engineer our oil pan with additional features to make it worth doing.

    The design is done and we should have a plastic protoype within a week. From there, we will verify fitment and then head right into production. 

    Key Features

    * 50% more oil capacity vs OEM

    * Aluminum casting to ensure high quality consistency 

    * Heat Sink Fins on the bottom to help remove heat

    * 1/2" Return Port for oil return from Turbo/SC

    * Bolt in baffle to reduce starvation on hard turns and acceleration

    frs oil panfrs oil panfrs oil panfrs oil panfrs oil panfrs oil pan

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  7. FRS/BRZ Fuel System

    Finalizing our complete fuel system for the Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ, complete with our Full Blown triple pump surge tank, Full Blown In-line filters,Full Blown Fuel Pressure Regulator, and Full Blown -10 Fuel rails. 

    scion frs fuel rail frs fuel systemscion frs fuel rail fuel system

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  8. Motec M1 Plug N Play Scion FRS Subaru BRZ

    After months of waiting, we are very excited to have been given the opportunity to test m150 ecu for the FRS/BRZ.

    We know this setup won't be necessary for most applications but for those who are looking to take it to the next level. You can't get any better than this.

    MOTEC for frs brz

    MoTeC's M150 Toyota FT86 / Subaru BRZ plug-in kit is a fully programmable direct replacement for the factory-fitted
    No rewiring is necessary, the kit plugs into the stock wiring harness using the original sensors and fuel system. All
    original functions are maintained.


    Key advantages to the new M1 solutions are:

    • Fully integrates with all original systems, including Direct Injection, Stability, Dash, Power Steering, ABS,
    Airconditioning, and Alternator control.
    • Pre-configured sensor calibrations for Original Equipment (OE) sensors and engine triggers.
    • Pre-configured control of Port and Direct Injectors with a tuneable balance table.
    • Pre-configured FT86 Reference Mode for Engine Speed, Ignition Timing, and control of 4 camshafts with tuneable
    Inlet and Exhaust cam timing tables.
    • Pre-configured On-board Knock for each cylinder with 2 OE knock sensors and selectable centre frequency
    • Pre-configured physical settings for Engine Displacement, Fuel Density, Stoichiometric Ratio, Fuel Pressure, and
    Injector Linearisation allow for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning
    • Pre-configured CAN messaging for OE systems including ABS / Stability, Dashboard, and Power Steering.
    • Pre-configured control of OE coolant fans with 3 temperature thresholds
    • Pre-configured transient fuelling compensation using physical modelling of Fuel Film Deposit for Port and Direct
    • Pre-configured Wheel Speed detection via CAN from OE ABS system, allowing Gear Detection via engine speed /
    wheel speed estimate
    • Configurable Boost control for a single turbo
    • Configurable Anti-Lag for single turbo variants with Ignition Timing Limit, Fuel Volume Trim, Ignition Cut, Engine
    Speed Limit, Boost Aim and Throttle Aim tables
    • Gearbox position detection via sensor or engine speed / wheel speed estimate
    • Gearbox shift request via Up Shift Switch / Down Shift Switch or Gear Lever Force sensor
    • Gearbox Shift Control with Ignition Cut and Engine Speed matching
    • GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232 (hardware dependant)
    • Intercooler Temperature and Spray control
    • Lap Distance, Time and Number via BR2 or Switched Input, with Split and Sector options
    • Configurable Launch Control with tables for Launch Engine Speed vs. Vehicle Speed, Launch Throttle Limit vs.
    Vehicle Speed, Launch Boost Aim vs. Vehicle Speed, and Launch Fuel Volume Trim vs. Vehicle Speed.
    • Race Time system with tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit, and Throttle
    • Auxiliary Timer system with tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Trim, and Fuel Mixture Aim
    • Engine Load Average channel with tables for Engine Speed Limit, Ignition Timing Trim, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost
    Limit, and Throttle Limit
    • Engine Run Time Total for engine hour logging
    • Configurable Security for multiple users with differing access options
    • ECU CAN Receive from a defined ID Base Address for data reception from MoTeC devices
    • 4 Configurable Driver Switches and 4 Driver Rotary Switches with each of 9 positions simultaneously mappable to
    Launch Control, Pit Switch, Anti-Lag, Traction, Auxiliary Time, Race Time Reset, Gear Automatic, Engine Speed
    Limit Maximum, Throttle Pedal Translation, Fuel Volume Trim, Ignition Timing, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit,
    Traction Aim, and Traction Control Range.
    • Analogue Tachometer output with configurable Output Pin and scaling
    • Transmission Pump output with Transmission Temperature threshold and hysteresis control.
    • Traction Control with tables for Aim Main, Aim Compensation, Control Range.
    • 4 Optional Outputs for PWM Control of added actuators:
    • Duty Cycle tables using Engine Speed and Throttle or Manifold Pressure Axes
    • Activation based on Inlet Manifold Pressure or Throttle Position
    • Aux Output 1 includes tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Trim, and Fuel Mixture Aim
    • Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin and/or CAN message, including:

    PRICE TBA (We are working with Motec on some options and will release pricing as soon as we get them)

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  9. Ford Focus RS

    We're excited to finally get our hands on the 2016 Ford Focus RS.. We have big plans with the Focus RS. We work on many different platforms, ranging from Nissan GTR, Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS. Our vast expertise in the FRS/BRZ has gain us a vast amount of knowlege for 4 cylinder Direct injection motors. Stay tuned as we plan to release some high quality and innovative parts for the Ford Focus RS!

    For the most up to date and updates be sure to follow us on:



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